Earn more by earning an Excel certification

5 levels of accreditation. Progress from an Excel Apprentice to proving you’re a certified Excel Master.

Level 1 of 5

Excel Apprentice Certification

Course to complete:

Excel Level 1


Level 2 of 5

Excel Specialist Certification

Course to complete:

Excel Level 2


Level 3 of 5

Excel Professional Certification

Courses to complete:

Pivots & Macros
Safety & Security
Structure & Design

All 4 courses must be completed

Level 4 of 5

Excel Expert Certification

Course to complete:



Level 5 of 5

Excel Master Certification

You’ll be awarded this certification upon completion of:

All the courses in the Diploma
1 x Project
2 x Examinations


Why get Certified?

Earn more

According to the 2014 IT Skills and Certification Pay Index from PayScale Ireland being Certified in IT will earn you on average 12% to 23% more than your non-certified counterparts working in an equivalent role

Advance your career

In a 2013 report by Robert Half Management Resources, it found that people qualified in IT get promoted ahead of non-certified peers, with 91% of HR Managers rating IT certification as the most important element on a CV

Industry recognition

Because for over 20 years we have been an Official Microsoft Training Partner, Adobe Training Partner, CompTIA Partner and authorised testing Centre; your IACT Certification is an industry recognised qualification

If you have any questions about our accreditation, please visit our FAQ section, or alternatively Contact us and we will be delighted to talk with you about your requirements.