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CompTIA Security+


Most businesses increasingly require the skills of a network security specialist in order to protect their business from intruder attack.

Security+ is a vendor neutral baseline certification for individuals and companies entering the Information Security field.

To earn Security+ certification, IT professionals are required to be proficient in a wide range of security concepts – including access control, authentication and external attack techniques. They must have also mastered such areas as operational and organisational security and the basics of cryptography.

This courses takes IT professionals through the tools and techniques to protect their IT systems from different types of attack.

  • Understand the mind of the hacker
  • Detect weaknesses in security of different IT systems
  • Protect systems against different virus attacks
  • Harden applications
  • Use encryption techniques
  • Use certificates for authentication
  • Understand weaknesses in web and e-mail applications

…and much more

  • Access Control: MAC/DAC/RBAC and authentication.
  • Protocols: Disabling unnecessaryAttacks: Types and techniquesSocial Engineering: Auditing – Logging,system scanning
  • Communication Security: RemoteAccess: 802.1x, VPN, RADIUS,TACACS/+,L2TP/PPTP, SSH, IPSEC,Vulnerabilities
  • Email and web security considerations
  • Directory – Recognition notadministration
  • Packet Sniffing Wireless: WTLS, 802.11x, WEP/WAP,Vulnerabilities, Site Surveys
  • Mobile Devices
  • Media : Coax, UTP/STP, Fiber,Removable media, Tape, CDR, Harddrives, Diskettes, Flashcards, Smartcards
  • Security Topologies and Zones, Detection techniques
  • Security Baselines OS/NOS Hardening (Concepts andprocesses)
  • Application Hardening
  • Directory Services, Databases Basics of Cryptography
  • Algorithms :Hashing, Symmetric,Asymmetric, Cryptography Concepts
  • Confidentiality. Integrity, DigitalSignatures, Authentication
  • Centralized vs. Decentralized.
  • Storage:Hardware vs. Software, Private Key Protection
  • Renewal, Destruction, Key Usage, Multiple Key Pairs (Single, Dual)
  • Operational/Organizational Security
  • Physical Security: Access Control
  • Backups Off Site Storage, Secure Recovery, Alternate Sites, Disaster Recovery
  • Planning
  • Termination – Adding / revoking passwords, privileges, etc.
  • Chain of Custody, Preservation of Evidence, Collection of Evidence.
  • Training of end users, executives and HR Communication: User Awareness, Education, Online Resources,Documentation
  • Standards and Guidelines: SystemsArchitecture, Change Documentation, Logs and Inventories, Classification, Notification, Destruction

To prepare for the CompTIA security+ certification examinations.
Existing IT support professionals with the A+ and Network+ certifications who need to be proficient in IT security issues.
4 Days

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