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ASP.NET with C#


ASP (Active Server Pages) is a server-side scripting platform supported by Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) and by other Web servers. Offering the same functions as CGI scripts, Active Server Pages are widely used for integrating data from databases such as SQL Server and other ODBC compliant databases into websites. This course teaches the technology needed to build Active Server Pages and exploit the power of server side scripting. You will learn about the interrelationship among the pieces of the ASP architecture. In addition you will learn how to use JavaScript and gain an introduction to working with JavaScript in your web pages.

  • Learn to configure and administer IIS
  • Build data driven web sites using ASP
  • Build 3-tier client server systems
  • Build shopping carts
  • Query databases through web pages

… and much more

  • ASP.NET and C# and the web
  • ASP.NET structure, HTML and embedded scripts
  • Variables, Operators and expressions (logical, string, arithmetic)
  • Strings, numbers, objects
  • Conditions and boolean expressions
  • Loops and loop construction
  • Functions declaration, scope, parameter passing mechanisms
  • Configuring IIS
  • Events and event processing
  • Interactive Forms
  • Overcoming incompatabilities
  • Language and DOM differences
  • Saving State with Cookies
  • Server side objects
  • Communicating with the client
  • Creating scripts to access databases through the web
  • Session management Request, Response objects
  • Keeping state between pages
  • Dynamically building pages from SQL queries
  • Building SQL scripts

To learn how to build ASP.NET pages using the C# programming language. To be able configure and setup IIS for different sites. To understand the 3-tier client server model and to setup ODBC connections to various RDBMSs. To build shopping carts and query databases in a web site. To be able to work with the browser object and navigate the web under JavaScript control.

Experienced webmasters requiring a detailed knowledge of programming database driven websites with ASP and JavaScript or programmers wishing to adapt their kn owledge to develop web solutions.

It is essential the attendees know HTML.

5 Days

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