Foundations in Programming Course – Exclusive to IACT


Computer programming is the world’s fastest growing profession with thousands of vacancies for developers from all backgrounds. Start your professional programming career with this course

8 evenings
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Java Courses


Java is a class-based, object-oriented programming language developed in the 1990s. It’s one of the most in-demand programming languages, a standard for enterprise software, web-based content, games and mobile apps, as well as the Android operating system. Java is designed to work across multiple software platforms, meaning a program written on Mac OS X, for example, could also run on Windows.


VB and .NET Courses


The .NET Framework is a powerful computing platform developed by Microsoft that simplifies application development in the highly distributed environment of the internet. .NET is much more than just a platform for developing for the internet, .NET defines rules that languages must follow, which helps ensure that objects written in different languages can interact with each other. For example, if you have created a class in VB.NET, you can inherit from it in a C# program.


C/C# Courses


A general-purpose, imperative programming language, C is the oldest and most widely used language, providing the building blocks for other popular languages, such as C++, C#, Java, JavaScript and Python. C is mostly used for implementing operating systems and embedded applications. Because it provides the foundation for many other languages, it is useful to learn C before moving on to other languages.

Other popular programming languages



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Programming with Raspberry Pi

3 days

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Perl Programming


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