Visual Basic Primer


Learn the basics of programming from scratch using the Microsoft Visual Basic programming language.

3 days or 8 evenings


What does the course cover?

This course introduces you to the Visual Basic programming language and is designed to be a starting point on the road to becoming a Visual Basic programmer.


Why take this course?

The course assumes no programming and as such starts from the beginning. A grounding in the fundamentals gives you a good start in your career as a programmer.


Who should attend?

Anyone wishing to become a programmer has to start somewhere. For Visual Basic this is the course for you. No experience of programming required.


When you complete this course you will be awarded an internationally recognised accreditation certificate like this:

Course content

What will be covered throughout the course

  • Flow Control
  • Conditional statements-Boolean expressions-Loop Intilialser
  • Condition
  • Advancer
  • Building Forms
  • Common Controls Text
  • Label
  • Command button controls
  • Code Reuse
  • Functions and procedures Parameters
  • Return Types
  • Working with Text
  • Strings Left, Mid , Right
  • Len Fixed
  • Variable Length

Skills you’ll learn

What you’ll be able to do after the course

  • Create a program
  • Run a program
  • Declare a variable
  • Making your code react to different eventualities
  • Repeating your code using loops
  • Handling user input

How you can apply these skills

What you’ll be able to do after the course

  • Building an Application to run on Windows
  • Executing your code
  • Storing data in memory as part of a larger calculation
  • Building branching logic into your applications
  • Repeating the same process over and over until completion
  • Building graphical front ends for your users

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